December 09, 1985 12:00 PM

by Nancy Sinatra

All the time Kitty Kelley, the controversial biographer of Liz Taylor, has been out there gathering dirt for her big book on Frankie, Sinatra’s dutiful daughter Nancy has been at home writing her heart out. If you’re in the market for sordid exposes, shop elsewhere. Sample anecdote: “When my grandmother returned from a visit to Italy years ago, she told us about her audience with the Pope. He said to her, in Italian, ‘Your son is very close to God.’ She said, ‘Why, Father, what do you mean?’ And he said, ‘Because he does God’s work and he does not talk about it.’ ” Far more interesting than the whitewashed text are the photographs, which include many family pictures never before published. Frank’s father, a fireman in New Jersey, was far more handsome than his famous son. The photos of a little boy who never quite grew into his big ears are a delight too. This is just about the fanciest family album ever printed, and it’s certainly a nice present for the old man’s 70th birthday. The author sums up with: “I won’t have to watch his films or play his recordings to remember, I’ll carry his blood in my veins, his life’s music in my heart and see his immortal soul in the bright, loving eyes of my children.” Okay, Kitty: go for the throat. (Doubleday, $50)

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