February 01, 1982 12:00 PM


They play practically every tune in the same key, the tunes never move slower than mid-tempo, the power chords and solos explode off the guitars of Angus Young and brother Malcolm with a force matched only by their repetitiveness. Brian Johnson’s vocals are so screechingly raspy that he forms almost no syllable traceable to a dictionary. In short, rock’s fiercest foursome can do absolutely no wrong for those who want the heaviest metal music there is. This LP, by far their most satisfying, may in fact crash right through some turntables, it’s so heavy. The title track, Inject the Venom, Put the Finger on You and Snowballed are easily the best cuts AC/DC has done in several albums. The vocals at times recall the best moments of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty. But everything else the band does bears what is now one of the most distinct signatures in popular music: a savage guitar-dominated sound by a band that has happily sacrificed all claims to musical sophistication, rhythmic subtlety or political relevance to tap the raw, primal forces of rock.

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