Picks and Pans Review: For the Love of Nancy

ABC (Sun., Oct. 2, 9 p.m. ET)


Sitcom star Tracey Gold, who has fought her own battle with anorexia (PEOPLE, Jan. 31, 1994), stars in this fact-based movie as a young woman suffering from the same debilitating eating disorder. Gold’s character eventually gets so out of control, so emaciated, that her parents Gill Clayburgh and William Devane) go to court to force Gold to submit to treatment.

The film sheds little light on the emotional wellsprings of the disease. Gold seems like a sensitive but well-adjusted young woman—until just before she leaves for college, when her compulsivities emerge. Incredibly, the script appears to link the onset of her disease with a visit to the dentist to have wisdom teeth extracted.

Gold imbues her performance with a haunted, anxious edge. But she gets outacted by Devane and Clayburgh and by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Cameron Bancroft as her brothers.

What we have here is a disease-of-the-week drama: a numbing mix of the ghastly and the banal.

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