August 10, 1981 12:00 PM

by Caryl Rivers and Alan Lupo

For the most part, this slight but likable book is for the better. It’s a dialogue between a guilt-ridden Jewish husband, Lupo, who’s a staff writer for the Boston Phoenix, and his Catholic wife, Rivers, author of a memoir called Aphrodite at Midcentury. Married since 1962, they can agree on when to pay utility bills or how to wash clothes. But when it comes to dust balls, Rivers notes, “[Alan] believes they are carriers ot typhus…I am convinced that dust balls are an act of God, not to be disturbed without filing an environmental impact statement.” Their idyllic family-life visions have faded and parental duties have bound them at times in an uncomfortable squeeze. Yet their senses of humor formed a haven. Today, they write, “the earth still moves for them—but, since they live 3,000 feet from runway 15-22 at Logan International Airport, they are never sure if it’s ecstasy or the TWA Super-Saver.” (Summit, $12.95)

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