February 23, 1998 12:00 PM

Los Umbrellos

Led by rapper Al Agami, a 25-year-old African now living in Copenhagen, and with backing vocals and sexy attitudinizing by two former models and Danish TV cohosts, Mai-Britt Grondahl Vingsoe and Grith Hojfeldt, Los Umbrellos is the latest in a series of successful Scandinavian export bands that has most recently included Robyn (“Show Me Love”), the Cardigans (“Lovefool”) and Aqua (“Barbie Girl”). Percolating in a jambalaya of musical styles are strains of Jamaican dance-hall music, Brazilian street-carnival rhythms, flaring mariachi horns and thumping hip-hop beats. Both silly and ambitious, this CD will have listeners hitting the replay button to decipher a trippy hodgepodge of American pop-cultural references. (Extra points to those who can identify TV’s Rawhide theme and find the lyrics to Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth.”) (Virgin)

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