March 25, 1985 12:00 PM

George Jones

Capturing the quintessential George Jones concert on tape would be pretty hard, of course, since at the quintessential George Jones concert George Jones does not show up. While Old Possum did manage to make this show, at Music Village U.S.A. (near Nashville) in October of 1984, he might as well have stayed home and taken a snooze for all the excitement it generates most of the time. There’s a version of Jones’ old hit The Race Is On, a medley of other G.J. hits and Tennessee Whiskey. The pacing is abysmal; Jones starts chatting away even before his first song, and by the third one he has already given the microphone over to his backup band for their ensemble number. (It is a terrific band, though.) They don’t come any more original than Jones, and he can get by with a bare minimum, which is fortunate, since that’s all there is on this album. (Epic)

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