By Leah Rozen Christina Tapper Natasha Stoynoff
January 21, 2008 12:00 PM

Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan PG-13 |


The key to Morgan’s comic persona is pure, unfettered id. He’s like a willful 5-year-old stuck in a man’s body, grabbing at whatever he wants. First Sunday wisely gives Morgan free rein and he, in turn, provides this well-meaning, slapdash comedy with its liveliest moments. Overall, though, the film is an uneasy mix of earnest uplift, mild yuks and preaching about community values. Morgan and a sullen Cube play cousins in Baltimore who try to rob a local church’s safe but wind up holding its parishioners hostage at gunpoint. By the time the duo realize crime is not the answer, First feels like a sermon.