June 04, 1979 12:00 PM

What does the U.S. government do in the movies when it can’t track down the bad guys? Right, it hires an ex-villain or two to do the job. This time the protagonist is James Coburn, characteristically sparing of dialogue though prolific in the action department, blasting his way to Antigua in search of an archcriminal. While he is delayed momentarily by Sophia Loren—the widow of one of his early blastees, but not the sort to hold a grudge—Coburn and partner O.J. Simpson devote most of the film to mayhem. That is just as well, since nothing else of interest is going on. This is an old-fashioned B movie—just a little sexier and more violent to suit the late 70s. It can be seen or disregarded with impunity, except perhaps by Victor Mature fans, who have a rare chance to catch their old favorite in a cameo. (R)

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