By People Staff
May 18, 1987 12:00 PM


Boston-based, this band was put together by guitarist-vocalist Charlie Farren and bassist David Heit. Three years ago Heit was installing a burglar-alarm system at the music publishing house where Farren worked. They started talking music—both had played in a variety of bands—and began to meet for regular jam sessions in Farren’s home studio. Not long after recruiting drummer John Muzzy to form a band, they quit their day gigs and signed a major recording contract. This LP is an impressive beginning. Farren and Heit co-wrote all 11 cuts, a collection of tunes strong on melody and vocal harmonies. They’ve also woven in enough catchy hooks to appeal to even the most blasé deejay. Farren’s emotionally unguarded voice is at its best on the richly textured Fool in Love. Another winner, Impossible World, is a subdued, jazzy finger-popper. Most of the other tracks, bolstered by spicy support from keyboard player Bill Cuomo and saxophonist Deric Dyer, are full-throttle rockers, the kind that bring a concert audience to its feet. In fact, if these guys exploit that ability by doing some serious touring to back up this LP, they may depart the Boston bar circuit for good. (Warner Bros.)