August 21, 2006 12:00 PM

After detailing her tough early years in a bestselling memoir, Fantasia, 22, acts out her troubled past for a Lifetime movie.

ON RELIVING HER LIFE FOR TV: At first I said, “Oh, no. Hell, no. I can’t do that. No.” I never did a movie. Oh, man, I went through so many emotions acting. I’m glad it’s all out there now—that [past] life for me is over.

ON LETTING DAUGHTER ZION, 5, WATCH HER LIFE STORY: She already knows more than you think. She watches [TV interviews] and really pays attention. She’ll ask me a lot of questions, my little lady.

ON FUTURE ROLES: I would love to act more. But music is always going to be first. I’ve got another album coming out. I wanna work with Jamie Foxx and Aerosmith.

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