June 17, 1991 12:00 PM

Womack & Womack

If anybody’s got it—family spirit, that is—Cecil and Linda Womack do. The husband-wife team, who live on a Virginia farm, is responsible for a brood of children and a series of beautiful, organic soul albums—music made without the electronic claptrap that so often marks modern R&B.

The brother of soul star Bobby Womack and the daughter of venerable vocalist Sam Cooke got married in 1975. Both established songwriters, they began collaborating for Gamble and Huffs Philadelphia soul stable before becoming performers with the acclaimed Love Wars in 1984.

Their composing talent and low-tech production have made each release since then stand out. If their writing doesn’t shine as steadily here as in the past (they apparently spent more time on lyrics than on melodies—an odd strategy in the pop arena), a few songs are as catchy as poison ivy, such as the lilting title track, the rhythmically insinuating “Living in a Different World” and the snappy ramble of “Blue Jean Baby.” All the tunes are presented with enthusiastic, disarming simplicity. (RCA)

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