November 13, 1978 12:00 PM

by Larry Kramer

Early in this work a screenwriter tries a scenario on a producer: “A 38-year-old faggot decides he must find a lover before he’s 39. He’s lonely…he wants a mate. This is the story of his quest.” That is also the plot of this novel, in which all the characters are shallow, silly people consumed by their search for instant gratification through sex and drugs. The New York gay scene, from the Y to the Everard Baths to Fire Island, is limned in detail more lurid than seems necessary. Real places, people and events are mixed in with fictional characters who seem to be thinly disguised celebrities in films and fashion. The novel does describe a certain kind of social behavior, but it is not recommended to fans of Jane Austen. (Random House, $10.95)

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