September 11, 1978 12:00 PM

The ayes have it for this slick murder mystery. Faye Dunaway, looking very pale, plays a high fashion photographer fond of shooting fake murder scenes for her magazine ads. Then she starts having eerie visions: She claims she can see real murders as they’re taking place. The cops think she’s cuckoo, of course, but when the killer comes after her the suspense is harrowing, if carefully manufactured. Tommy Lee Jones is perfect as the sympathetic detective who falls in love with Faye, René Auberjonois oozes jealousy as her gay assistant, and Brad Dourif is spooky as the chauffeur with a suspicious past. The ending is a surprise (but not a very convincing one). This is producer Jon Peters’ second film, his first without Barbra Streisand (although she sings the theme song, Prisoner). If he keeps it up, he’ll never have to give another wash and wave in his life. (R)

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