By People Staff
August 31, 1992 12:00 PM

by Jack Higgins

Never one to let a war slide by un-exploited, Higgins draws on our altercation with Saddam Hussein to spin another of his adroit, highly entertaining “What if?” thrillers. Where The Eagle Has Landed sent German S.S. officers to assassinate Winston Churchill, Eye has the Iraqis trying to scuttle Operation Desert Storm by hiring a former IRA terrorist to bump off Margaret Thatcher as the former Prime Minister enters a crucial cabinet meeting on the war.

Only American Special Forces Officer Martin Brosnan can foil the plot. While the characters are one-dimensional, the dialogue is sharp, the settings topical and the plot twists harrowing. As Brosnan pursues his quarry, sinister bargains are carved out of wartime alliances, and bodies fall from the pages. (822.95, Putnam)