November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

edited by Jane Cooper, Gwen Head, Adalaide Morris and Marcia Southwick

Published under the auspices of the Iowa Review Collection of Contemporary Women Writers, this anthology of poetry and short fiction and essays by women includes such famous names as Margaret Atwood, Maxine Hong Kingston and Marge Piercy, in addition to scores of lesser known authors. Lee Schwartzman, 12, a Seattle student, is the youngest contributor, with a drawing. The late poet Abbie Huston Evans, who was 90 when she wrote the letter in this collection, is the oldest. Ranging as it does over such a wide geographic and stylistic spectrum, the book is remarkably consistent in holding the attention. Mostly concerned with women’s special problems, but hardly a feminist tract, it’s a book that can be read or browsed through, rewardingly, by men as well as women. (Macmillan, $17.95; paper, $9.95)

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