By People Staff
February 02, 1981 12:00 PM

by Judith Price

Have you ever seen bright purple carpeting in a rug shop and wondered who on earth would have such a color on his floor? Diane Von Furstenberg, that’s who; her office also is filled with Art Deco antiques and a wall board with photos of herself. This book is mostly photographs of offices where the successful conduct their business. In some ways, an executive’s office can be even more revealing than a home which is shared with a spouse. David Rockefeller’s suite is all golden—at least it looks that way in these photographs—opulent carpets, walls, ceiling and huge sofa. Publisher Katharine Graham’s rooms are cheerful and sunny and include a stately dining room where more than one Washington Post employee must have used the wrong fork. Author Judith Price, the publisher of the glossy magazine Avenue, knows that just looking at these seats of power is a power trip in itself. Her book is as handsome as its subject matter: Bob Ciano, the book’s designer, took care of that. (Linden Press, $19.95)