September 11, 1995 12:00 PM

Evil Stig

From sad things, good things sometimes come. This tribute album is a perfect example. A little more than two years ago, Mia Zapata, the 27-year-old lead singer for the Seattle-based punk band the Gits, was raped and strangled after leaving a friend’s Seattle apartment. Her killer was never found. Now, Joan Jett has joined forces with the Gits for a onetime-only gig as Evil Stig (Live Gits spelled backward) to help raise money for a private detective to assist the police with their investigation of Zapata’s death.

The Gits’ songs are classic punk. Very loud. Very harsh. Very feisty. Perfect material for Jett. Though she isn’t exactly known for her delicate vocal touch, she has never sounded so raw on any of her own albums. Despite this aural assault, though, the music is charmingly hook-laden, and the ferocity of the songs is matched by the catchiness of the melodies. The only problem with Evil Stig is that its inspiration, Zapata, isn’t around to hear it. (Warner Bros./Blackheart)

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