September 11, 2000 12:00 PM

Kacey Jones (IGO)

There’s a long tradition of female country-music humorists—from Minnie Pearl and Judy Canova to Catherine Bach and the Hee-Haw girls—and Kacey Jones fits right in.

Her title tune will resonate with those women who agree that today’s only desirable men “have a ring on their hand/are light on their feet/or have a tombstone over their head,” as she puts it. “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly,” a clever duet with rockabilly stalwart Delbert McClinton, evokes an engaging spirit of connubial banter. And “But I’m Not Bitter” nicely encapsulates the feelings of a woman who can say, as she does with a more or less straight face, “I hate your lousy, rotten, stinking guts, but I’m not bitter.”

While Jones is a competent, husky-voiced singer, it’s jarring to hear her singing a straight version of “Over the Rainbow” amidst all this lampoonish humor. But one ill-advised change of pace can’t compromise an otherwise thoroughly entertaining album. Jones had taken four years off from performing to produce an album for Kinky Friedman, so this represents a welcome return.

Bottom Line: Here’s one Kacey who hasn’t struck out

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