By People Staff
June 13, 1994 12:00 PM

Hal Ketchum

Rising country star Hal Ketchum is a frustrating artist. A hunk with talent, he has a superb voice: a husky tenor that resembles, but technically surpasses, Lyle Lovett’s. Problem is, Ketchum doesn’t have a lot to say. Songs such as “Fall in Love Again” will no doubt sound fine on your car radio. Indeed, it meets exactly the same need once filled by, say, the Grassroots or the Guess Who—high-class Top 40 bands expert at eliciting emotions appropriate to highway cruising: nostalgia, bittersweet regret and the urge to drive real fast. Like those bands, Ketchum simply falls short of the individuality that deeply engages or endures. And churlish though it may be to ask for more, one can’t help but do so. He’s good enough to be better. (Curb)