September 23, 2002 12:00 PM

WB (Mondays, 9 p.m. ET)

Some guys can’t seem to learn, even if they are medical geniuses.

The Sept. 16 opener of this soapy drama quickly establishes that the renowned Dr. Andrew Brown (Treat Williams) concentrates on neurosurgery while neglecting his wife and two children. After his spouse is killed in a car crash, the guilt-ridden doc decides to quit New York City and move the family to Everwood, Colo., where he pictures himself as a caring parent and selfless general practitioner. Unfortunately Brown fails to consult his sullen 15-year old son Ephram (Gregory Smith) on the relocation, and this oversight leads to simmering resentment followed by a screaming fight.

So what does altruistic Dr. Brown do in the second episode? Throws himself into his new no-fee practice and gives his kids short shrift. Result: Ephram tells him off again. Dad had better smarten up soon because this routine gets old fast.

Williams is likable even when his character isn’t rational. (Would you trust a doctor who talked to his dead wife?) There’s amusing friction between newcomer Brown and supercilious Dr. Abbott (Tom Amandes), who calls himself “Everwood’s primary care physician.” But the writers have to go and push it: Ephram falls for Abbott’s daughter (Emily VanCamp), and the rival doctor’s salty mother (Debra Mooney) enlists as Brown’s nurse.

Bottom Line: Treacly but tolerable

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