By People Staff
April 30, 1984 12:00 PM

Edited by Edward Booth-Clibborn

Black and White Memories (Dent, $29) is made up of photographs shot by Bailey, the British fashion photographer, between 1948 and 1969. It is notable for several reasons. One: Jean Shrimpton was one of the loveliest models ever, and in these 20-year-old pictures, she looks beautiful still—despite the era’s swollen hairdos and ugly dresses. Two: Penelope Tree, whose success followed Shrimpton’s, now seems to have been one of the lumpiest-faced females ever to be a photographer’s model. Three: This book documents clearly how quickly fashion—and fashion in photography—changes. Bailey photographs are not “classic” in any sense. He also includes several portraits of such celebrities as the Beatles, Nureyev and Michael Caine. And as he said in 1967: “I want to show what is going on now. To leave a record—a document. It’s the most you can hope for in photography.” European Photography 83/84 (Abrams, $45) is the latest volume in a series. The book shows advertising illustrations along with war coverage, travel pictures, portraits, landscapes and every other possible category of photography—except the experimental. The reproduction, especially of the color pictures (114 of the 151 photographs are in color), is outstanding. This book is an attractive, easy way to catch up on what was happening to Europeans the last couple of years.