By People Staff
September 21, 1981 12:00 PM

Don Williams

An album like this could make Williams’ fans suspect he is stuck on an assembly line. But it’s far from a bad album. Williams seems to have Nashville’s top quality-control inspectors watching over him, and much of this LP offers, in all its pleasantly tranquilizing splendor, the standard Williams sound: Lloyd Green’s murmuring pedal steel; Kenny Malone’s whisk-broom drumbeats; Joe Allen’s workmanlike bass; Williams’ drowsy, country-sweet celebrations of love (“Miracles, Years From Now”, “Fairweather Friends”). Emmylou Harris’ duet on “If I Needed You” is touchingly delicate. Billy Sanford’s acoustic picking on “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” is uncommonly adventuresome for Williams’ restrained studio pickers. And Don breaks into a more varied melodic feel on “Especially You”.