April 14, 2014 12:00 PM



Why did you decide to make Sex and Love a bilingual album?

It’s part of who I am. I don’t speak perfect English, and I don’t speak perfect Spanish! I grew up speaking Spanglish, and I always mixed both languages together.

You’ve worked with Pitbull a lot—and he’s on two songs on this album. How did you two connect?

It was pure coincidence. His best friend went to high school with me [and introduced us] five years ago in the studio.Working with Pit is great. We get along, we see eye to eye, and he’s got an amazing amount of energy.

What was the most special collaboration in your career?

It was with Whitney Houston [on 1999’s “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”]. I was so young and extremely nervous, but she made it so easy. She was so sweet, caring and loving. I remember that first hug. It was very genuine.

You’ve been with Anna Kournikova for 12 years now. What’s the secret to keeping your relationship going?

My relationship isn’t different to any other. It needs respect, understanding and patience. It can be tough, but when you get through the tough times, the good times are worth it. When you have something that’s good, who knows if you’ll ever find it again?

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