By Sue Corbett NATALIE DANFORD Judith Newman
August 28, 2006 12:00 PM

By Randy Taraborrelli



If seasoned celeb biographer Taraborrelli has it right—and he did interview countless friends and at least one ex for this unauthorized bio—Elizabeth Taylor is a pill. A stunning one, but still: crass, whiny, self-dramatizing. Make the features a bit more pedestrian, and it’s hard to imagine anyone putting up with her, let alone showering her with diamonds. And if he’s wrong, well, Taraborrelli does spin a good yarn. It’s all here: the stage mother, the movie moments (those eyes made more exquisite by double eyelashes—a mutation, it turns out), and the marriage-prone, illness-plagued life. Despite the glamour, the wealth and the years with the glorious, monstrous Richard Burton, you’ll be grateful she’s Elizabeth Taylor and you’re not.