April 30, 2007 12:00 PM


Now we can see the face behind the traumatic makeup: Reaser, 31, is Grey’s Anatomy‘s disfigured amnesiac “Jane Doe,” restored to health with the help of Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

ON HER PROSTHETIC FACE It took three hours to apply every day. It was intense. I’d be crying, and tears would go underneath the mask, and then the [director] would say, “Cry!” And I’d be like, “I am crying!”

ON THE HIGH-POWERED ENSEMBLE After filming The Family Stone with great actors like Diane Keaton, I don’t get nervous anymore. I’ve learned to enjoy it. The characters have a lot of drama, but we have a great time. And I get to work with Justin, who’s so sweet and fun. He’s pretty much the perfect man.

ON WHETHER SPARKS WILL FLY People assume there’s a romance [between Jane and Alex], but I don’t know what’s going to happen. Grey’s is a lot like life—you don’t know.

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