By People Staff
January 31, 2005 12:00 PM

Jennifer Garner; Goran Visnjic; Will Yun Lee; Terence Stamp

What a little Paxil wouldn’t do for Elektra. Sure, her job is to kill people, but does she have to be so morose all the time? Elektra is a paid assassin, if you missed Daredevil (2003), the mediocre comic-book film from which this equally lackluster entry is a spinoff. (Though dead at the end of Daredevil, she has since been miraculously resurrected.) She has no actual superpowers, but can run, jump and stick a three-pronged knife into flesh with the best of them and, by meditating really hard, see into the future. She also, in the person of Garner, has a lovely taut midriff, which is displayed at every opportunity, and long straight hair that, when she runs, billows like curtains in the wind.

Elektra is a dark, scantily plotted bit of fluff in which our heroine gets over herself long enough to take on supernatural baddies bent on capturing a young girl. Garner, who showed a promising comic touch last year in 13 Going On 30, does her movie career no favors here. (PG-13)