By People Staff
September 21, 1981 12:00 PM

ZZ Top

Loco notions about musical locomotion have long been the mainstay of these three whiskered Texans, whose macho motto is I’m bad, I’m nationwide. On this LP, they deliver a Lone Star dose of blues-tinged rock. Billy Gibbons won’t threaten Jimmy Page as the world’s greatest guitarist, but he sounds fine with Dusty Hill’s clean bass work and Frank Beard’s don’t-spare-the-horses drumming. Among the more memorable tunes are the R-rated “Tube Snake Boogie” and “Heaven, Hell or Houston”, bound to become a regional favorite in at least one of those locales. Leila is likely to induce fans to catch some lowercase Z’s. Yet the group can do funny send-up stuff like “Ten Foot Pole” where, in the best Fats Domino tradition, the only discernible words amid purposely muddled mumbles are the title lyrics.