September 11, 1995 12:00 PM

by Dan Mahoney

Beach Book of the Week

MEMO TO BRUCE WILLIS: Here’s your next Die Hard. This second police thriller from a former NYPD captain has everything you—and readers in search of some summer chills—are looking for. There’s a tough, wise-cracking detective whose name you only have to change from McKenna to McClane; his Ninja-like sidekick; smooth terrorist adversaries; and enough action to send readers reaching for the Gatorade.

Better still, Edge of the City is a cleverly plotted cat-and-mouse tango that pits Detective McKenna against Peruvian-based Shining Path guerrillas. As McKenna races the clock to save the city, Mahoney captures every insider element of the police process. If only his wife, Yvette (still walking the beat in Manhattan), could get him to make his female characters more convincing. (St. Martin’s, $22.95)

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