June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

by Lillian Hellman and Peter Feibleman

This book of “Recollections & Recipes” was probably the last project of the late playwright Lillian Hellman. She and Feibleman, a novelist who was her longtime friend, were both from New Orleans and both interested in food. Hellman, always given to sweeping generalizations, has a few in this book, such as, “I have discovered that all men in their forties like to dine with women older than themselves, and to sleep with women much younger than themselves.” Feibleman’s recipes from New Orleans and Spain, where he lived for about 12 years, are more complicated, while Hellman’s tend toward such things as chocolate pecan pies. Even in a cookbook, Hellman seems to have been one of the most difficult women alive—tough, irreverent, often ‘wrongheaded. Feibleman, a tidy and graceful writer, put up with—even admired—her in spite of all that. (Little, Brown, $16.95)

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