September 09, 1985 12:00 PM

by Arnold Sawislak

At least this novel gets the award for the best title of the year. The cover, which looks like the front page of a sleazy newspaper, is irresistible, too, and what’s inside certainly is enjoyable. When a strange Oriental publisher takes over a newspaper in a Midwestern backwater, he brings in a British editor who gradually turns the conservative daily into a wild, uninhibited tabloid. One of the reporters is the narrator of this story. At first, the sensational headlines shock him. Then he sees his stories rewritten with the craziest sorts of exaggerations, topped by headlines that culminate in the masterpiece that is the book’s title. There is a scandal in the state capital, a rock festival that turns into a riot, a good guy who is kidnapped and an investigation into the sinister plans of the newspaper itself. Along the way Sawislak, a UPI Washington correspondent, gets in some sly observations about the newspaper business. These insights will seem silly and outlandish only to those readers who haven’t been there. (St. Martin’s, $12.95)

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