September 18, 1978 12:00 PM

Captain and Tennille

They are easier to like without Daryl Dragon’s dopey nautical outfit and Toni’s exuberant bouncing, which may explain why they have been far more successful on records than on TV. They consistently turn out whistleable, smooth, middle-of-the-road material—such as You Never Done It like That and Dixie Hummingbird from this album. But the notion occurs that Dragon, with his mania for technology—he plays 16 different keyboard and percussion instruments, most of them electric, on this LP—is obscuring his wife’s talent. Her strong, bell-clear voice can be subtly shaded, too. Hearing her on her own Love Me like a Baby (accompanied only by her own piano) and Johnny Mercer’s classic Dream gives rise to the wish that she would sing less of Sedaka and McKuen and more of Gershwin and Porter.

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