March 12, 1984 12:00 PM

WTBS (Saturdays, 7:35 p.m. ET)

Atlanta’s cable-champ “SuperStation” has created its first sitcom. An A for effort, C-plus for execution. In a mix of I Love Lucy and It’s a Wonderful Life, a dizzy, red-haired, rebellious—and, for a modern twist, feminist—angel (newcomer Carol Mansell) earns her wings by returning to earth 59 years after her death to help the motherless Preston family, a suburban clan whose kids rack up $700 MasterCard bills. She goes to work as their maid and, as the station says, “manages to create one hilarious crisis after another”: She loads the laundry into the trash compactor and microwaves the turkey down to the size of a pigeon. Yes, one hilarious cliché after another. The only real pro in the cast is 10-year-old Randy Josselyn as the Cute Kid. Mansell is likable enough; the rest try hard but never get off the ground. (Expect more TV angels soon: Michael Landon has signed to write, produce, direct, star in and muss his hair with a halo for NBC’s movie and series Highway to Heaven.)

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