July 17, 1995 12:00 PM

by Joy Fielding

Bonnie Wheeler, the hero of Fielding’s 11th thriller, is a perfect candidate for the women-in-jeopardy genre Fielding has made her own. A pretty high school teacher married to a TV talk show director—and the mother of an adorable toddler—Bonnie is the classic good girl. Even her husband’s ex-wife Joan likes her well enough to phone with the message that Bonnie and her daughter are in danger.

Joan has been known to tipple and behave irresponsibly (her baby daughter drowned in the bathtub unattended), but Bonnie is alarmed enough to agree to meet her. When she arrives at Joan’s home and finds her dead, domestic bliss turns to terror, and Bonnie turns to sleuthing after she becomes the prime suspect.

An ineffective but sassy detective who suspects everybody in sight, Bonnie ultimately solves the mystery and discovers herself in the process. Don’t Cry Now is sometimes implausible, but for a brisk summer read, it’s a winner. (Morrow, $23)

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