By Chuck Arnold Eileen Finan
May 26, 2014 12:00 PM

>People TALKS TO

On your new album Blue Smoke, you duet with Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson. So who’s your dream collaborator?

I had thought I was going to get a chance to work with Adele when she first came out. I had read that she was a fan of mine, and we talked about doing [a song] together. She’s someone I’d love to write and sing with down the road.

What young country singer reminds you most of yourself?

Miranda Lambert. I relate to her earthiness, just being a real woman. And I really admire Taylor Swift for her songwriting and business sense.

Who would you choose to play you in a movie of your life?

Well, you know what, I’m doing a musical of my life story—and I’m also doing a movie [version]! When we started talking about a movie, people had mentioned Scarlett Johansson. I guess she’s full-bosomed. [Laughs]

You still look great, but how have you dealt with aging?

There’s nothing I can do about the number, but I’ll do everything I can to keep myself in working order. I’m going to do whatever little nip and tuck and collagen and Botox that I can do safely. But if you keep your spirit young, you look younger. And I don’t have time to get old!