November 14, 1994 12:00 PM

The London Suede

Last year the London Suede (then known as Suede) arrived here from England armed with critical accolades and brisk European sales. But no one was listening on this side of the lake. Although their self-titled debut was accomplished, the band seemed to be rewriting the same few tunes.

Like that album, dog man star glides down memory lane with a long layover at the altar of early-’70s glam rock. But the new album is more varied than its predecessor and brimming with bug-out moments. “Introducing the Band” kicks it in with broad strokes of cryptic psychedelia and front man Brett Anderson declaring, “I want the style of a woman/ The kiss of a man.” Though quieter songs like “Daddy’s Speeding” and “Black or Blue” are impressively grand, there are too many of them in succession near the end of the album. But, hey, that’s what the program buttons on CD players are for. (Nude/Columbia)

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