June 19, 1989 12:00 PM

CBS( Mon., June l9, 8 P.M. ET)


There are definite signs of life in this half-hour sitcom about the medical profession. In fact, it has got a strong pulse. Matt Frewer has shed his Max Headroom disguise to star as a 30ish, unmarried general practitioner who works for a high-tech, high-pressure partnership in Providence. A wisecracking idealist, he’s a kind of cross between Harry Anderson and Bob Newhart. Like the first episode, this second one is concerned with establishing supporting characters, who include Frewer’s money-oriented medical partners (“Funerals are a great place to network,” says one), his openly gay brother (Tony Carriero), his colleague and ex-girlfriend (Maureen Mueller) and his father, who’s a jaded surgeon (Harold Matthews). Frewer also defies his co-workers by making a house call to treat an elderly Italian woman. Pointing to the large cross above her bed, she says she has got someone else on her side. “Willem Dafoe?” asks Frewer. This sitcom shows promise. Have patience.

Jeff Jarvis is on special assignment

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