By People Staff
July 15, 1985 12:00 PM


Radio can take an attractive song and run it into the ground through heavy repetition. Yet last year Shannon had two hits on her debut album, Let the Music Play and Give Me Tonight. They both had an unquenchable electricity throughout. Her second album is a worthy followup, even if it lacks the power of its predecessor. The synthesizers have a bright, high range, but it is their left-handed complement, the deeper underlays, that makes these arrangements surge. The title cut is basic and gripping post-disco worthy of a Donna Summer. Stronger Together is a richer dance mix, drenched with female backup singers, electronic hand claps and pinging guitar. Shannon even commits to vinyl one of the better versions (thanks to the horns) of Urgent, the Foreigner song that keeps turning up on the unlikeliest albums. There are some barren regions here—Why Can’t We Pretend and Let Me See Your Body Move. But producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa have again provided Shannon fans with reason to dance. (Mirage)