October 08, 1984 12:00 PM

Chuck Mangione

It’s an unhappy distraction that Shirley MacLaine appears on this record, doing an insipid rap song. She would seem the least likely candidate this side of Walter Mondale to be a rap singer in the first place, and this attempt is neither rhythmic, clever nor sexy enough to be good rap and not nearly funny enough to be a parody. The lyrics, partly written by MacLaine’s Broadway collaborator, Christopher Adler, partly ad-libbed, are inspirational—for those inspired by lines like “It’s time you learn/ We all get burned/ So pick yourself up.” The rest of the album contains some of Mangione’s most mellow and melancholy soft jazz compositions. Notable are the love theme from the TV pilot London and Davis in New York, Leonardo’s Lady (from the L.A.-produced play Leonardo) and She’s Not Mine to Love (No More), which has a quiet, unaffected vocal by guitarist Don Potter. Mangione sideman Chris Vadala also makes his presence felt on alto and bass flute throughout what is, for the most part, an enjoyably moody album, full of bittersweet regret. (Columbia)

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