July 21, 1980 12:00 PM

by Leonard McGill

So you thought you only needed skin-tight jeans. McGill, a young fashion writer and designer, says there is the Basic Disco Look (“a large man’s T-shirt on a woman”), the Jock/Roller Disco Look (“Buy a man-sized tank to go over tights in contrasting color”), the Thrift Shop Disco Look (“The most popular antique jacket for women is, ironically, a man’s white dinner jacket from the ’40s”), the Rock’n’Roll Disco Look (“The miniskirt and saddle shoes are girlish clothes, but matched with fishnets and a V-neck sweater they take on a naughty-but-nice attitude”), and the Futuristic Disco Look (“Use a sparkle eye shadow in the same color as the dominant color of your outfit, or match the color to your plastic or metallic jewelry”), among others. Those people on the dance floor don’t look like extras from an old Flash Gordon serial because of the funky smoke in the air; they really are that way. (Prentice-Hall, $12.95)

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