November 28, 1988 12:00 PM

ABC (Sun., Nov. 27, 9 P.M. ET)


Disaster works very hard to scare us about America’s crumbling Titan II missiles only to relieve us, after it’s all over, with the news that all our Titan IIs have been pulled out of service. Which makes a person wonder, Why scare us? In a story “suggested by an actual incident,” in the network’s words, an aged missile with a nuclear warhead on top is damaged and threatens to explode. Michael (Ironweed) O’Keefe plays a good-guy Air Force technician who risks his life to try to fix the rocket. Joe (Hill Street Blues) Spano and Perry (Riptide) King co-star as O’Keefe’s military bosses, Patricia Charbonneau as his lovely and perfect wife and good ol’ Dennis Weaver as the earnest local sheriff. The soldiers get to argue about doing things by the book. The sheriff gets to act worried and make nonsensical pronouncements about the Almighty: “If God wants that thing to blow, it’s gonna explode. I mean, with all our modern technology, we still have oil spills.” And Charbonneau gets to comfort her kids as they ask, “Do you think we’re all gonna blow up?” No, kids, but you probably will bomb.

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