June 29, 1998 12:00 PM

Norm Macdonald, Chevy Chase

Former Saturday Night Live regular Macdonald has the youthful, blandly pleasant face of a photo in a high-school yearbook. But the voice is both older and edgier: flat, caustic and cynical, with a hollow, mocking ring to it. Perhaps it’s not surprising that Macdonald used to do a killer Bob Dole impersonation on SNL.

In this awful, low-rent comedy, he runs a business that specializes in petty revenge. If a client complains that a neighbor makes too much noise, for instance, Macdonald and his best friend (Artie Lange) will sneak into the neighbor’s house and stink it up with dead fish. How in the name of the free-enterprise system did anyone concoct such a stupid premise? Work includes a subdued Chase as a doctor addicted to gambling and the late Chris Farley as a man who had the tip of his nose bitten off by a prostitute. Poor Chris Farley. Poor Chevy Chase, for that matter. (PG-13)

Bottom Line: Dirty work? Doesn’t work

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