May 14, 1979 12:00 PM

by Hans Jorgen Lembourn

“I believe it was that night that I saw her for the first time as she really was…This primitive, innocent, frightened, almost identity-less little girl…tattooed almost to death with the bites of others.” The author, a Danish writer of lugubrious prose, says that he spent 40 days and nights boozing, traveling down South and sighing with Monroe. At the time she was separated from Arthur Miller and waiting for The Misfits to begin filming. Lembourn wanted to sell her a movie project. He provides detailed, breathless descriptions of sex with Monroe and concludes that “Marilyn was not frigid as some have maintained. Nor was she the sex acrobat as most think. She was very, very sweet.” This clearly exploitative book is just more evidence that, when it came to men, Marilyn usually attracted those who would use and then betray her. (Arbor House, $8.95)

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