August 01, 1994 12:00 PM


After teaching club kids how to spell deee-groovy with 1990’s gold World Clique, Deee-Lite tripped over its platform shoes with their clunkily political follow-up, Infinity Within. Now the neo-disco outfit returns with Dewdrops. The album has much of what made Clique so irresistible—it, too, is not strictly an under-the-strobe-light affair—and in some ways improves on the original. Lady Kier Kirby, who has let the kittenish kitsch go, is developing into a fuller-voiced diva. And she and husband DJ Dmitry are improved songwriters, mostly avoiding the cheeky sloganeering of their earlier tunes, like “Groove Is in the Heart” and “Vote, Baby, Vote,” which initially made Deee-Lite seem like a novelty act. “Say Ahhh…” and “Apple Juice Kissing” are sexy and smarter than their silly titles suggest, and you’ll probably burn calories just listening to the accelerated charge of “Sampladelic” or “Party Happening People.” (Elektra)

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