By Tom Gliatto Patrick Gomez Elaine Aradillas
June 24, 2013 12:00 PM


You gave birth to your daughter Sebella, 1, just one month before shooting the show!

It was insanity. I was breast-feeding all the time. She’d be sitting in my lap in the makeup chair. She was like the mascot of the set! I wish that I could be home with my child, but I do care about my career. I’d been waiting eight years to work with [series creator Marc Cherry].

Eva Longoria is your producer. How do you like working together?

She’s an inspiration. We did Dragnet together years ago and became friends. I was up for her Desperate Housewives role, but I was happy for her when she got it.

Do you treat your own housekeeper differently after playing one?

She is like family and always treated with respect. She’d pass out if I acted like they do on the show!