October 01, 1979 12:00 PM

Debby Boone

For someone who’s only 23, Debby has taken an undue amount of abuse, most of it directed at the dumb romanticism (and perhaps the success) of her megahit You Light Up My Life. It wasn’t her fault that she winged to stardom on a turkey. In fairness, Boone is a solid enough singer of the Newton-John mold—sweet-voiced, disciplined and, not incidentally, pretty. On this new LP there is a standard sampling of disco (forget that, Deb), but she comes off best on the melodious, if florid, theme from The Promise and on two country standbys, Breakin’ In a Brand New Broken Heart and My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own. Part of Debby’s problem with critics may be that her dad, Pat, has been such a relentless goody-two-white-shoes; it’s time, though, to stop visiting the father’s lack of sin upon the daughter.

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