By People Staff
December 07, 1981 12:00 PM

by Betty Suyker

Last year Calvin Trillin wrote Floater, a funny little book about a newsmagazine that was something of a madhouse. Suyker’s heroine in this romantic mystery novel is a show business researcher for such a publication, and since the author has worked for both TIME and Newsweek, her descriptive passages about its inner workings are authentic—and amusing too. Suyker, however, uses this material not for farce but to tell a traditional murder tale. The killing takes place during rehearsals for a mysterious play, and the victim is an American actress everyone has cause to resent. This novel is as light as a bubble and full of sly observations about the news business. Its little grace notes will delight journalism insiders, and all who like gloss on their whodunits will be pleased. (St. Martin’s, $10.95)