December 18, 2006 12:00 PM

Your gift to me, Mr. Claus? Making a few of my favorite shows even better

BROTHERS AND SISTERS Every week there’s a new dilemma on this drama that’s often satisfyingly solved by the hour’s end. And the Walkers are a fun family to watch bicker. But there’s a heaviness here that’s too much sometimes, most often when Calista Flockhart is in the room. She too frequently injects her political views (which get more wishy-washy every week), she’s always upsetting her mother about something, and is just a party pooper in general. Smile, Kitty! Play!

MEN IN TREES Love the quirky characters, but oh, these men. Between the grand gestures and smushy text messages, it’s like the Queer Eye guys have gotten to them. Sidenote to Anne Heche: Stop talking through your teeth. You’re not Katharine Hepburn.

STUDIO 60 Matthew Perry rocks in his role, but could the writing be any more dry? Aaron Sorkin’s scripts may have been brilliant for a higher-minded place like The West Wing. But why must this drama about a comedy show take itself so seriously? Fix it. I’ll be at 30 Rock in the meantime.

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