May 19, 2008 12:00 PM

When she didn’t receive a rose from Brad Womack on The Bachelor last fall, DeAnna Pappas “got my heart broken.” Now the Newnan, Ga., Realtor, 26, gets to do the picking on the fourth edition of ABC’s Bachelorette, starting May 19.

WHY GO THROUGH THE FIRE AGAIN? I believe in this experience. I can’t help that it didn’t happen for Brad, but I believe in the show. How can they go around America, find 25 amazing guys and me not fall in love in that situation? I’m very confident that my husband is here.

DESCRIBE YOUR TYPE. Dark, tall guys. I like the country, scruffy-looking face. I’m a southern girl. I’m attracted to southern guys. I’m looking for someone who is very family-oriented, who can make me laugh. Most importantly, someone who knows what he wants!

DID YOU TRY DATING POST-BRAD? I went on one date with a friend, and obviously it did not go well, or I wouldn’t be here right now.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT LOVE FROM DOING THE SHOW? Being attracted to guys that I’m not typically attracted to—that’s a wonderful feeling, to know that I’m not as predictable as I thought.

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