February 13, 2006 12:00 PM

A fifth network? Yep. Come fall, CBS-owned UPN and Warner Bros.’ The WB will end, replaced by a new offspring that could put Veronica Mars and Smallville on one channel. UPN president Dawn Ostroff will run CW

ANY WORD ON WHAT SHOWS WILL MOVE TO THE CW? We’ve already announced that America’s Next Top Model is picked up for next year. As far as all the other shows are concerned, we haven’t made any decisions. We will look at everything with fresh eyes when we start to schedule for the fall. By and large, I think we’re certainly not starting from scratch.

WHY A MERGER NOW? YOU GUYS WERE COMPETITORS. It would have taken too long for either of these two networks to become as successful as just one network would. We’re able to form a fifth network instantly.

WILL THE NEW NAME CATCH ON THE WAY “THE WB” DID? Well, it’s been too soon to tell what the response is, but it’s a significant title. “CW” will serve us well. I think it’s going to be great for the viewers because they are going to have one place to come to every night versus having to feel torn.

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