By People Staff
November 14, 1988 12:00 PM

by Nancy Linn-Desmond

Not only is this book cheaper than buying dinner for your favorite guy or gal—or your least troublesome guy or gal, whichever seems more desirable—it stands a fair chance of providing a livelier evening. It is a dictionary of dating terms, subtitled “What he said—what she heard—what he meant.” “Single,” for instance, is defined as “a self-descriptive term used by a man in a conversation with a single woman, meaning that his wife is not in the room.” “Fickle” becomes “a word used to describe a woman who gets tired of a man before he gets tired of her.” When she talks about men, Linn-Desmond, an Atlanta psychologist, tends to get—well, it’s a word sensitive modern guys hate to even think—strident. So strident that one is reminded of the film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Baseball, for instance, is “a sport that men appreciate because it involves two of their favorite pastimes—scratching and spitting.” “Z-z-z-z” is “the male part of the conversation between a man and a woman, following sex.” Still, Linn-Desmond has paid her dues. The jacket biography says that before her recent marriage, “she had dated for nearly 20 years, had been to 43 singles bars, had lived at nine different adult-only apartment complexes and had known all the words to the song I Will Survive.” Enjoyable evening, heck. This is a book a person could develop a committed relationship with. (Citadel, paper, $5.95)